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terça-feira, 7 de maio de 2013


Today my day was painted dark, gleaned from red blood and with a lighter shade of gray to complete the melancholy of the happy days that left me at the same speed that I found.
I knew what happiness would last too little, or tried to believe it would be worth getting attached to it and believe that last for a long time.
But it wasn't so.
Anything is easy in life , we all know that, but the more complicated is when you see your dream being thrown into the air and no one, no one caring about him. I have dreams, everyone knows it and never measure efforts to run after them, but it's like Drumond already said ...
In the middle of the road was a stone
Had a stone in the way
Had a stone
In the middle of the road was a stone.
I will never forget this event
In the life of my retinas so tired.
Never forget that halfway
Had a stone
Had a stone in the way
In the middle of the road was a stone. (My translation)

What does this mean? The difficulties haunt us and has haunted me more than ever. Launching Points of Life could be a promising start, but was not. Despite the success of the book, many adventures around their composition are making me give a little more to tie in a new edition / drawing, that would be quite interesting. I just have to thank everyone who got their copies, and I ask my sincerest apologies to those who failed for lack of the book, but for lack of willpower (not on my part, because I was called delusional, unrealistic and naive by want this so bad) I think this project is being shelved ... And here I am, giving my face again to receive blows, while humbly seek to be a publisher account to publish my first novel soil.
Thank you all for listening to the rant that both needed to do, I sincerely hope to bring new things to you, that always has supported me a lot!

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